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Our Goals include exceeding client satisfaction in communication, project management, and workmanship. Our values of quality, care and professionalism guide operations that are as efficient as possible. In practical terms, we try to minimize noise, disruption, and impact, for you and your neighbors. We offer exceptional service that is responsive and attentive and create outstanding projects that you can see and feel.

We know that remodeling is a significant event that affects the lives of our clients in a personal way. This awareness guides the care of our on-site operations and our relationship with our customers.

Licensed General Contractor Since 1990 | C.S.L 1004387


“Eddie built our whole house 18 years ago and his work is amazing. He does everything the right way, so it lasts and stays in great shape. I can’t tell you how reassuring it has been to live in a house Eddie built, through earthquakes, and mudslides and all kinds of things that could have gone wrong (and have with friends’ houses whose contractors cut corners, or didn’t have the skill Eddie has) and nothing ever has. He built our whole three bedroom house in the Berkeley Hills, (with everything having to be carried up 60 steps from the road) in 1993 for $165,000. I highly recommend Eddie and his company, The Habitat Company. He’s also a really good guy–his heart in the right place, and he values growth and communication. It’s so hard to find contractors who do a great job and know how to keep the price reasonable without sacrificing any quality–and can communicate! Eddie is gold! “


Psychotherapist and filmmaker

“Eddie did a great job managing the project from locating good sub-contractors, knowledge on many different construction details, his attention to detail, and especially in meeting deadlines – we were only 1-2 weeks off schedule in spite of events out of our control (inspection scheduling, weather, etc.). He was awesome. We started out with a very loose building plan so costs did exceed original estimates because of add-on details and design decisions, but Eddie worked to keep costs as contained as possible. Overall, we are very pleased with the outcome of the project and would hire Eddie again in a second.”


Business Owner

“I hired the Habitat Company to build a new fence, retaining walls, and deck for my home. Their design ideas and excellent craftsmanship turned the run-down front side of my house into a visual delight that I am always happy to come home too! They showed up every day and worked until the project was complete. I was also charged a very reasonable price for the work. Eddie (the owner) was easy to work with and showed great interest in making sure that I was getting what I wanted. I appreciate his attention to detail.  I highly recommend this company for any fine carpentry or remodeling!”



“My house required an extensive remodel – virtually a rebuild with a significant addition, and ten years later I am entirely happy with my home – it is beautiful, solid and enduring.  Eddie brought in an architect who just matched my needs – aesthetics and budget! And the three of us developed a wonderful, solid working relationship.   Eddie watched all of the details like a hawk and had no problem being a very exacting supervisor of the various contractors we used – tile, electric, paint, etc.

Eddie always heard what was important to me, and made a way for it to happen.  His knowledge of sources was extensive and always included a generous range of products at different price levels.  When we first started he estimated that the job would take seven months – I moved out the first week of January and was back in by early June, with no details to do or left hanging.

I really loved the process of working with a craftsman who totally concentrated on my project from start to finish.  No drama, no delays, and a very lovely house.”


Business Owner

“I have been managing a large project on my home for five years and have worked with a wide variety of contractors, carpenters, etc.

The Habitat Company has been among the top two groups I have worked with… they do beautiful work (especially with wood) and Eddie is bright, very articulate, very careful, and straightforward.  He made several suggestions that improved the outcome and saved some money as well.

Also impressed by the wide range of problems they know how to solve.  In addition to the finish carpentry work for which I hired them for, they also contributed on furniture, stairs, cabinet installation, moved some plumbing, build and installed custom doors, and several other things.”

Very impressive.

Eric B.

“I hired The Habitat Company to do some extensive remodeling on my home in Larkspur.  I chose them because it was important to me to create a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing space to live in, and Eddie is very good at designing and building exceptional spaces.  He was able to tackle the complex structural and foundation issues as well as the fine craftsmanship of custom woodwork and the finishing touches that make a space unique.

I now have a home that I love living in and am proud to invite family and friends too.”



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